What’s on Tap

Welcome to Littleport Brewing Company! www.littleport-brewing.com 5/18/2023

Open Wednesday & Thursday 3 to 9:30 pm, Friday & Saturday 12-10 pm. Sunday noon to 5:30. We are closed Monday-Tuesday to brew, but will open with advance notice for special/private events. New summer hours coming June 1!

Scottish Mist #1 $4/pint Littleport

Maddy Mo Low Gluten Red Ale #2 $5/pint Littleport

Beerdonnay #3 $5/pint Littleport

Warp Speed Scotch Ale #4 $6/pint Lake Louie

2 Day Double IPA #5 $6/pint Littleport

Blueberry Cream Ale #6 Littleport

L’il Bit of Helles (Bock) #7 $5/pint Littleport

Sopo Sour Porter #8 Littleport

Daley Doppel Doppelbock #9 $6/pint Littleport

Passionfruit/Mango Cream Ale #10 $6/pint Littleport

Naked Jubota Strong Scotch Ale #11 $6/pint Littleport

Anarchy Acres Wheat Weizenbock #12 $6/snifter Littleport

Reese & Desist Peanut Butter Stout #13 $7/snifter Central Waters

Belgian Anarchist #14 $6/pint Littleport

Rift IPA #15 $6/pint Central Waters

Let Go of My Maple Porter #16 $6/pint Littleport

Git Cho Razz Here Chocolate Raspberry Porter #17 $6/pint Littleport

Palmer Porter Amburana Wood Aged #18 $6/pint Littleport

30th Anniversary Belgian Quad #19 $6/snifter New Glarus

Cashmere Collin’s Pale Ale #20 $5/pint Littleport

Party Guy Pils #20 $5/pint Littleport

Mikko Suave Sahti-It Tastes Like Christmas $4/pint


Grapefruit, Passionfruit Guava, Raspberry Lemonade, Cherry from Potosi

Luscious Limoncello

PIZZA lotzza mozza, lottza sauce

4-Meat, Bacon Cheeseburger, Cheese, Hawaiian, Sausage, Sausage & Pepperoni, Sausage & Mushroom, Chicken-Bacon-Ranch, Chicken Alfredo, Mac Attack, Taco Grande or Supreme $9 to $13

We have select 9” personal pizzas, too: Cheese, Cheese/Sausage, Pepperoni, Sausage/Pepperoni, Supreme, or 4-Meat

GARLIC BREAD: Small $2, medium $3.75 or large $5.25

COOKIES: 4.5oz Reese’s Peanut Butter Chunk, M&M, Large Oatmeal Raisin or

Caramel Apple $1.79 each. 1.5 oz Salted Caramel, small Oatmeal Raisin.75 each–hot and chewy!

BAKED PRETZELS:Milwaukee Pretzel: Medium 10 oz. $5, Small 5 oz. $4, Large 16oz. $8

BAKED FILLED PRETZELS: Jalapeno, Pizza filled or Cream Cheese $5


Cheetos, Fritos, Dill Pickle, Sour Cream & Onion, or BBQ or Plain Chips, Doritos, Chex Mix, Bugles, other assorted snacks $1.39-$1.89 Chocolate Pretzels $4.49


N/A Beer: Brooklyn Brewing Co. Hazy IPA, IPA, Pils, or Hoppy Amber

Mocktails: Gin & Tonic, Strawbery Mockarita, Mock Mule, Classic Mockarita $5

SODA: Coke, Diet Coke, Vanilla Coke, Pepsi, Black Cherry Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, Diet 7 Up, Squirt, Sprite, A&W Rootbeer & Diet Root Beer, Wit Blonde Root beer, Mountain Dew, Spicy & Diet Dew, Sioux City Orange Cream or Vanilla Cream, Sunkist Orange, Ginger Ale, Ginger Seltzer, Lemonade $2.00

Mobcraft Flanders Red 12oz can – A Flanders Style Red Ale aged in French and American oak, displaying notes of cherries, dried fruit, and kilned malts.7.3% ABV $5/can

Potosi Grand Amber Brandy Barrel Aged Barleywine (bottle) – 11.5% ABV, 57 IBU 3.99 Untappd – Aged in hand-selected brandy casks, this singular American Barleywine is decadent and daring in equal measure. Full-bodied, soft and inviting, its fruity notes are soaked in caramel maltiness with a medium hop finish. Like a bitter little secret gently wrapped in sweet treats. $16 / 22 oz bottle

Littleport Gutbuster Strong Scotch Ale – Deeply malty, with a bit of caramel flavor, while some will detect a peaty, earthy and/or smoky aroma from the addition of peated malt. Also known as a “wee heavy.” Hops, which are not native to Scotland and were expensive to import, were kept to a minimum. Aged in tequila and bourbon soaked French oak.


Bet you didn’t know: The ideal temperature to serve most craft beer is in the 40-45F degree range, while some stouts, porters, and wits should even be served around 50F! These temperatures enhance the flavors of craft beer!