Update 12/6/2018, 1/2/2019, 5/24/2019, 4/17/2021

Still waiting (done now 1/2/2019!) for completion of our 480v 3 phase electrical installation, but it should be done very soon. Some troublesome pieces of brand new conduit were allowing water to run into the new circuit panels barring us from turning on the new power for the first time.

New columns to support our 2nd floor rebuilding are being worked on right now in a local metal-working shop, and should arrive here next week. (we have 8 of 9 as of 1/23/2019!) These were necessary to reinforce a 2nd floor that was never built for anything more than light storage, and when completed, will allow a 180 person seating limit in the 2nd floor space.

Concrete foundations were poured for the new columns about a month ago, after which column fabrication began.

Really hoping things get moving faster, because the first shipments of brewery equipment are scheduled to be shipped in the next few weeks. This includes Hot and Cold water tanks, a keg washer and keg filler, dual chillers, a 25hp compressor to run the canning/bottling line, and a bunch of LED lighting.

5/24/2019: Fermentation room concrete is poured, with radiant heat tubing installed within the concrete. Old stairwell has been removed, and lumber for new stairs has been delivered. Main floor rough-in plumbing should be completed this weekend, after which final concrete pour takes place. Experienced several week delay when plumber was about to hook up to main sewer drain, only to find the City had neglected to reconnect the building sewer when the streets were redone some years back. Arghh!

We’re here for beer as of 4/17/2021!.

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