New information 6/28/2018

After a series of delays, including a 5 week environmental review by the State of Wisconsin due to our brewery being built in an historic building, we should be cleared to begin building the brewery in the next week or two. Could be this Friday, or as late as July 9th. In the meanwhile, we have cleared out tons of the stuff that was in the building so that it is ready for construction as soon as we receive clearance from HUD.

We have added some brews to our lineup, finalized on a 24 tap system, completed designwork on the brewery and taproom, achieved an easement to obtain the required electrical needs, and have obtained full financing for the project.

Our downtown neighbors, Littleport and DPW and are participating in an alley cleanup behind our building called “Imagine Alley” on June 30th to beautify and make better use of our surroundings for all businesses with alley frontage to create a unique feel. Our goal is to get the city to rebuild the brick alley which lies underneath the asphalt and create a mini-mall of sorts. If any of you have shopped the brick alleys in St. Augustine, FL and in other historic locales, you know how beautiful they can be.

We are really anxious to order our brewing equipment, and will do so as soon as HUD gives us clearance to proceed.



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