Planning phase complete!

Financials and planning stages are complete.

Phase one (tuckpointing entire building) is also complete.

Phase 1.1: replacing windows on South and West sides of building is complete, except for the one window replacement which was sized incorrectly.

Phase 1.2: Utilities-We Energies should be installing a gas line by end of April, 2018. Building has had no heat for decades.

Phase 1.3: Concrete work: Still need to remove existing concrete floor in preparation for new 6″ concrete pour and plumbing upgrades, but can’t start until weather warms up.

Phase 1.4: Electrical upgrade: upgrading to new 460v 3 phase service, again waiting for heat…

In the meantime, I am doing whatever I can that can be done in the interim.

Brewing license from Feds has been obtained.

More coming soon!


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